ADHD-felagið was founded in 2009 and is the national recognized ADHD organisation in the Faroe Islands.

We are a non-profit organisation whose main objectives are to work for better circumstances for people with ADHD in the Faroe Islands.

We look out for the interests of people with ADHD in dealing with authorities.

We provide information about ADHD to families, individual and others.

We support and advice about ADHD.

We travel around the country to educate and inform about ADHD.

We provide information about ADHD on our website, facebook, instagram and in the local media.

We are financed by membership fees, founds and support from individuals and companies.

In 2019 we stared to participate in international cooperations and have connection with the ADHD-organizations in the other Nordic countries.

Our board is based on voluntarily work, and consist of representative of people with ADHD or parents / carers / partners of people with ADHD.

You can contact us by email: phone: +298 211428